New high-resolution printer up on Kickstarter!

tangible engineering has put their pretty awesome printer up on Kickstarter. It’s one of the biggest build area SLA printers we’ve seen, and prints really fast! Plus it has WiFi, and a host of other neat features…

Check it out here.

5 thoughts on “New high-resolution printer up on Kickstarter!

    • Josh Post author

      Hi Hugo! We’re making some resin specifically for this printer and the demands of such a large print area/high cure rate. But yeah, it’s our resin!

  1. David

    This printer is set to be shipped in March I believe, will I be able to order its resin prior to release so I can put it to work when it arrives?

  2. Eric Archuleta

    Hey Josh, I just purchased the Pegasus touch on kickstarter. Our you going to offer a castable resin for this machine ?
    Any feedback you have on this product and castable resin for it would be nice, I hope all is well @ makerjuice.
    Thank you for your time


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