G+Fast ready for production!

Jacqueline Ripp

Wed, Sep 27, 2017

MakerJuice Labs is excited to announce that we have created our newest resin “G+Fast” for the popular Wanhao D7 and similar 3D Printers!

MakerJuice Labs has created a new resin that has been developed specifically for the more affordable and very popular Wanhao D7 3D printers. UV 3D printers are finally becoming affordable enough to hit the mainstream and it would appear that the Wanhao D7 printers are the most popular (and for the money) probably the best in the marketplace. In fact, last we checked they were running on Amazon for only around $500 US.

The newest resin is going to be called “G+Fast”, the first color will be Grey and it will work with various printers like the D7 (Duplicator 7) that require faster reacting resins. It's a variant of their G+ resin, but is an extremely fast curing and accurate resin that will drastically reduce printing times in comparison to some of the other more opaque resins.  This resin should not only help to speed up the printing times, but also allow for smoother prints.

We expect the “G+Fast” resin to become one of our best sellers as the popularity of 3D printing continues to grow worldwide at a remarkable speed.  This product should also be especially popular among the hobbyists who just want to print at home.  There are already a large and growing number of communities with several thousand followers on Facebook and Google who are proud owners of the Wanhao printers. 

MakerJuice Labs is thrilled to have created this resin and is looking forward to creating more resin products to support the Wanhao 3D printers!

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