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About Us

Say hello to our professionals.

MakerJuice was started in early 2013 to provide the best quality, lowest priced resins for hobbyists and professionals. Today we still cater to that goal while selling thousands of liters of high quality resin each year!

Josh founded MakerJuice Labs in early 2013 with the goal of providing affordable, high quality resins to a market that was lacking those qualities.Josh brings his engineering expertise to the lab, heading the manufacturing and printer compatibility aspects of the company.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, Shane has 15 years of industrial UV formulating experience creating UV-curable resins for diverse end-user applications. He has worked with many of the nations top UV raw material suppliers and if he doesn't know how to achieve a specific resin property, he knows someone in the industry who will. Shane was key to the inception of MakerJuice Labs, and will spearhead the development of our newer and industry leading resins.

Jason is a born and raised Michigander turned Southerner. After attending Central Michigan University Jason moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to escape the cold. He can still be found cheering on his home teams the Detroit Red Wings, Lions, and Tigers. He has always had a gravitation toward innovation and technology. Throughout his career he has had the ability to work with companies like Microsoft, SAP, and Forbes to become more effective with their marketing efforts.