Yep! Unless you are in a country with export restrictions from the USA (such as North Korea and Iran), we do ship to your country.

We do not control customs fees on items imported from us in the United States. If any fees are levied, they would be paid on your end at your countries customs service.

The best way to get an answer to this question is to add items you want to your cart via the Shop, and then go to Checkout. The Checkout page will give you shipping options and their associated prices.


This really depends on the printer you have. Currently tested and supported printers with some of our resins, are:

 - 3D Facture Draken

 - Asiga

 - ANYCUBIC Photon

 - B9Creator®

 - Form 1+ / 2

 - Kudo3D Titan

 - LittleRP

 - MakeX M-One

 - mUVe Printers

 - SparkMaker

 - Uncia

 - Wanhao D7

If your printer isn’t on this list, we most likely do not support it right now. If it’s a consumer level 3D printer, we are always working to support new ones. If it is an industrial printer (EnvisionTEC, 3DSystems, etc.) we probably will not support them. These printer manufacturers work very hard to lock you into buying their proprietary materials.

All of our current resins cure at 420nm and lower. The peak absorption is at 365nm.

None of our resins have been tested for food safety. Unless you can have them tested yourself, we recommend NOT using them in contact with food or where they may be ingested. Any use of our products for those items are at your own risk and not supported by MakerJuice Labs.

All resins are currently rated to approximately one year from date of purchase. For longest shelf life, the resins should be stored in a cool/dry/dark place.