Pigment Concentrations

This table should be used as a reference so you know how much of our pigments to mix in with each type of resin. It is a reference only, as you can add more/less pigment to suit your tastes. Adding more pigment will generally cause the pigment to settle out faster and require longer exposure times, so be careful with it.

All values listed are for ONE LITER of resin. For half a liter, divide the amount by 2.

Resins for the Form1/+ printers should not be pigmented after purchase. These resins come precisely engineered to work on those printers, and any additional pigmentation will cause print failures.


Black Blue Green Yellow Red White
G+ 2mL 2mL 1.5mL 1mL 1.5mL 2mL
SF 4mL 4mL 2mL 2mL 3mL 4mL