Some customers (usually ANYCUBIC or Wanhao) have had issues with adhesion to the build platform. If you are having that issue, please see these instructions.

WaxCast has been tested and works on the following printers:

Settings for 25μm Layers

  • Normal Exposure: 40
  • Off time: 1
  • Bottom Exposure Time: 80
  • Bottom Layers: 6
B9Creator 1.2 Settings

Settings w/Acer x1240, 25μm Layers

  • Burn in layers: 15 seconds per layer, 10 layers
  • All others: 1500 ms per layer
Thickness: 50
Curing Time: 5.00
Speed: Slow
Gap Adj.: 0
Base Layers: 1
Base Curing: 60
Buffer Layers: 5
Sometimes WaxCast will not properly adhere to certain build platforms. In order to fix this problem, one or both of the following suggestions should be tried:

  • Roughen up the build platform with coarse sandpaper (80 grit)
  • Smear a thin layer of non-WaxCast resin onto the build platform and either expose it to the sun or place it in a UV curing box for a few minutes. Then print on that surface.

Since WaxCast is a casting resin, it tends to be somewhat structurally weak. If you find your base and supports are printing fine but the model isn't sticking to the supports, increase your support structure and the contact point size from the support structure to your model.

Sometimes just increasing the exposure time of the base will rectify the problem. You can start with 20-50% of a time increase and see if that helps, but generally one or more of these steps will allow those printers to work properly.