• MakerJucie G+ 3D Printing UV Resin

MakerJuice G+ - Variety Pack

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Comes with Six (6) 500mL bottles of G+ in white, red, yellow, green, blue and black.

G+ is our general purpose, workhorse resin. G+ is a fast curing low viscosity 3D printing resin that results in a very hard 3D print with little to no flexibility.  G+ can be used for a number of different 3D printing applications.

G+, like all of our resins, cures under UV A, B, and C light up to around 420nm. It can be cured with a DLP projector, a UV laser, or UV leds. When using UV lasers or LEDs, the cure time is extremely fast, so you don’t need much power.

This resin is low odor and contains zero VOC.

- Please Read -

Our unpigmented resins are not designed to be used without pigment. They are here only so you can mix your own colors using the pigments we have available. They will not print well (or at all!) without pigment added.