About MakerJuice

Our goal is to provide the DIY 3D printer community with the best resins you can buy at any price. We also happen to be drastically more affordable than anyone else!

Customer service is one of our top priorities, so please Contact Us if you have any questions or comments. You can also find me in #MakerJuice on freenode, where I’ll be happy to help as well!

Get a MJ logo keychain at MakerFaire: Kansas City!

We’ll be at MFKC this weekend with a booth to show of MakerJuice, and if you attend you can hopefully grab some of our printed keychains! These are the MJ drop logo printed in SubSF!

Hope to see you there!

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Vat removed from store

Hi guys, quick note here. We’ve had to remove our vat we had listed as compatible with the B9Creator® from the store. We got a cease and desist from lawyers representing Mike Joyce / B9. While we certainly haven’t tried to represent that we are endorsed or supported by B9, we thought our selling a vat of our design that was compatible with their printer was okay. Especially given the open source nature of his machine. It turns out he doesn’t think this is the case, so we’ve pulled the vat from our store while we have lawyers review the C&D and their claims.

Being a more affordable supplier of resin and printing materials is certain to ruffle some feathers in this industry, as we try to make things more accessible and give up the large profit margin some other companies have. It’s inevitable some people won’t like giving up those profit margins.

But we will continue to fight the good fight to bring SLA printing to the masses, and try to stay legal in the process. In this case it means taking down the vat for now.

We’ll try to keep everyone updated if there are any developments, and appreciate any support our awesome customers give us!

Cease & Desist Letter

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Which color next for our Form 1 support?

Hi everyone!

Another poll for you to vote it! We’re trying to decide which color to introduce next for our Form 1 support. Colors for the Form 1 take longer to develop than for other printers, so we want to bring them to you guys in the order that most suits demands. Please take a second and vote for which color you’d like to see next!

Which color should come next?

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