About MakerJuice

Our goal is to provide the DIY 3D printer community with the best resins you can buy at any price. We also happen to be drastically more affordable than anyone else!

Customer service is one of our top priorities, so please Contact Us if you have any questions or comments. You can also find me in #MakerJuice on freenode, where I’ll be happy to help as well!

New resin and new printer support!

Today is a big day at MakerJuice HQ. Thanks to a lot of hard work, and a lot of help from Jonathan over at www.cgcookie.com, we have a new resin, and that new resin also comes in a Form 1 version!

The new resin is called SubSF. It has some unique benefits over our other premium resin (G+): less pigment settling, more vibrant colors and more opaqueness, less shrink, and slightly more bend making it PERFECT for snap-fit parts.

We get a lot of requests for a resin that works on the Form 1, and we’re proud to say we’ve finally dedicated the time to making one available. SubSF for Form 1 is the first in our lineup to support the Form 1, with two colors offered initially: Gray and Green. We plan on offering more colors soon, as well as adapting our existing formulas to work on the Form 1!

We really do want to thank Jonathan so much for his assistance and letting us use his Form 1 for testing. He is an awesome guy, and runs an amazing website dedicated to helping people learn how to model stuff in 3D. Obviously that is a huge part of the 3D printer community, so we think you guys should check it out: CG Cookie!

Thanks everyone, and see ya next time!


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Help us pick a bottle!

Hi everyone!

In the ongoing effort to serve our great customers better, we’re considering changing our bottles that we ship resin in. Currently we use the plastic bottles shown below, but there are other options:

Bottle Choices

There are some advantages and disadvantages to each:


  • Pros
    • Easiest to pour
    • Semi-tough
    • 1 liter bottle has window which shows the amount of resin you have left
    • Inexpensive (helps us reinvest more profits in the company and new resins)
  • Cons
    • Not very pretty or exciting
    • Can break during shipment, if handled VERY roughly (has happened).


  • Pros
    • Neat looking
    • Feel great in the hand
    • Very rugged
  • Cons
    • Bigger than glass and plastic bottles (more expensive shipping, but not by much)
    • Not as easy to pour as plastic
    • More expensive to buy (less profit per liter to reinvest in the company)
    • Can’t see how much resin you have left easily


  • Pros
    • Neat looking
    • Feel nice (heavy)
    • Transparent, so you can see how much resin you have left
  • Cons
    • Fragile (more chances of your resin breaking during shipment)
    • Harder to pour than aluminum and plastic
    • More expensive to buy (less profit per liter to reinvest in the company)


We’d love to have your opinion! Please vote below and help us pick a new bottle, or to keep the current plastic ones!

Which bottle would you prefer we use?

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Some amazing prints by Tristram Budel and his new printer!

Hi everyone! Recently Tristram Budel has posted some amazing prints he did using MakerJuice and the new printer he is developing. You can visit his facebook page at Tristram Budel’s Workshop, and check out some of the awesome pictures below!

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Price decreases and color changes!

Hello everyone, just a quick post to let you know about some changes in the store.

First: SubFlex has been reduced by $5 on both sizes. It is now $55/liter and $30/half liter. We plan on further price decreases in the future as more are sold!
Second: We’re changing our available, premixed colors on all resin to Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White. This allows us to reduce the number of SKUs, and with the inclusion of white, allows you to increase the number of colors you can make! All colors are mixable, so you can make whatever color you want out of these six base colors.

We’re still keeping all of our other pigments in the store if you want them, but they will no longer be offered ready-mixed.

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